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Newberry Thorny -6 packs

Newberry Thorny -6 packs
Product Information

Newberry Thorny is a new trailing blackberry/hybrid variety released by USDA  in cooperation with  Oregon State University in 1992. Named being a really new berry in the market and to remember the Oregon origin- Newberry Crater in Central Oregon. in its origin we can find Boysenberry, Marionberry, Loganberry and dewberry ( Rubus Ursinus). Its color ( not black enough, too good  purple color to be a  real blackberry ) can be recognized by raspberry origin in those cultivars. Newberry was selected for its large fruit size ( 35% larger than Marion, its shape closer to Boysenberry), firmness, remembered  flavor ( and a good ballance between sugar and acid), vigor, productivity, and disease tolerance. DELICIOUS! 6 packs to replant into 1 gal pots or in the garden. IF You want to plant them in the field with no irrigation it is beter to replant into 1 gal.pots first to get a larger plants first. Grows very fast. Available for Mid March shipment! IF You order this item You'll have to wait for the whole order be shipped .

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Price: $49.99

Product Code: NEWDOEDX32
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