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Tundra ( PP Canada) 1 gal. Size

Tundra ( PP Canada) 1 gal. Size
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Tundra is from the same cross  as Borealis: Blue Velvet (Kiev#8) and Tomichka ( F1 from " Delfin" that is F1 from L.Turczaninowii wild honeyberry from Primorskii kraii, Russian Far East). Tundra has a thicker skin and rounder shape and that is why  it is more suitable for comercial harvesting. Hight is about 5 ft and yield is about 10 pounds in colder hardiness zones. Good sized berries have nice taste and flavour. 1 gal. Size. Tissue Cultured. Zone 2-7.  Because of similar genetics Tundra does not pollinate well with Borealis. You can pollinate it with any other our variety. 1 gal.Size. Propagation prohibited.

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