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Tundra is from the same cross  as Borealis: Blue Velvet (Kiev#8) and Tomichka ( F1 from " Delfin" that is F1 from Turchaninowi wild honeyberry from Primorskii kraii, Russian Far East). Tundra has a thicker skin and rounder shape and that is why  it is more suitable for comercial harvesting. Hight is about 6-8 ft and yield is about 10 pounds in colder hardiness zones. Good sized berries have nice taste and flavour. 4 inch Size. Tissue Cultured. Zone 2-5. Because of similar genetics Tundra does not pollinate well with Borealis. You can pollinate it with Night Mist or Midnight Blue. It will be availble only for spring shipment! Please, order for SPRING delivery. The other items will be shipped TOGETHER with the product for spring delivery!

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