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Northern Blueberries

Blueberry Plants and Bushes

Berries Unlimited only provides tissue cultured and virus indexed plants, and that ensures the health of the plant and our customer's success and to get the most yield possible. Our plants are 2 to 4 +  years old ready for planting. Blueberry bushes are comparatively long-lived plants. On the average, they can produce at peak yields for many years. Most bushes will live and bear for more then 50 years, as long as they are properly maintained. Blueberry bushes have a profusion of white/pink blossoms in late spring, leaves which are glossy green, blue-green in summer and outstanding colored foliage in autumn. Besides fruit production, they are beautiful ornamental and are used in a variety of landscapes. Blueberries make great hedges! And Tea made from blueberry leaves ( tops picked before bearing) is healthy and delicious! For larger berries and higher yields it is better to have 2-3 varieties.

You can grow some of hardier Southern varieties in the North, zone 5: Jubilee, Misty, ONeal, Sunshine Blue. We have" Shop Blueberries By Hardiness Zone" button to make ordering for Your Zone easier. Do not forget, please, You can check your Zone on our Zone Map. Just click the button on the left.

NOTE, please : we  ship blueberries  ALL YEAR round!  FedEx will e-mail You T# ! Please, indicate on your order when you want your plants shipped. We do not sell bare root plants.  All our 1 gal. plants are over 3 years old, well shaped and give lots of new growth this summer, being tissue cultured! All our plants are the best varieties and in perfect shape, VIGOROUSLY growing!  Order now! 479-846-6030!

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Top Hat (wild lowbush): Zone 3-7 mid season 1gal. pot  Size Top Hat (wild lowbush): Zone 3-7 mid season 1gal. pot Size
Top Hat is a hybrid between Vaccinium Corybosum and Vaccinium Angustifolium. Top Hat is a perfect name for this dwarf&nb…
Toro (norhern highbush): Zone 4-7 mid season 2 gal. Size Toro (norhern highbush): Zone 4-7 mid season 2 gal. Size
Toro produces outstanding fresh market quality  very large blue fruit. The easy-to-pick  berries form in large…
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