18-Chandler Strawberries Junebearing Early- mid season Zone 5-9 12 cm pots

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18 Plants. Strawberry cultivar ‘Chandler’ (Fragaria x ananassa).Plant patent #5262.The variety is a favorite of commercial strawberry growers in southern California, especially for winter production. Additionally, Chandler strawberries grow well in zone 5 through zone 9 and are well-adapted to the southern states. It Absolutely must have well-drained soil and be planted properly. The preferred soil pH is about 6, and additional watering is needed when rainfall is not sufficient.The vigorous, high-yielding, June-bearing Chandler strawberry plants produce very desirable strawberries. Chandler strawberries are very large, firm, and produce early-season to mid-season Very Good Commercial Variety, Particularly with Plasticulture. Good for Growing in the Coastal States and Southern States. Excellent Choice for Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Operations or U-Pick Farms. Very Large Strawberries are Produced. High Yield of Strawberries. Excellent Flavor Profile. Zone 5-9. 12 cm pots.