2-The Newest Delicious Elderberry Package:1 Samdal and 1 Samyl (Sambucus nigra) Zone 3-7, 1 gal Size.

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This Package will be available at the end of March. Please, order separately Or Your whole order will be shipped after Elderberry package is ready for shipping.


2 Elderberry The Newest Delicious Package. We offer 2 plants in 1 gal. Size : 1 Samdal and 1 Samyl.

Samdal (Sambucus nigra). Samdal elderberry plants produce large fruit clusters, with berries valued for pies, jellies and wine! This is one of several newer elderberry varieties from Denmark. Plants are vigorous, producing long shoots from soil level one growing season and bearing fruit the next. These are removed after bearing and replaced by the current year's growth. This makes the plant easy to prune and manage as a bush. Large fruit clusters with good flavor ripen in August each year. Berries have very high anthocyanin content—very good for you! This is the more productive variety.

Samyl ( Sambucus nigra).This variety will provide good cross-pollination when paired with the Samdal variety. Samyl has particularly high-quality flowers.

Both varieties are required for cross pollination in a ratio of 1 Samyl : 1-5 Samdal. 1 gal plants.