4-All season Package Zones: 4-7 early-mid-late season 1 yo tissue cultured plants

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4-All Season Package consists of 1Sweetheart (Early-mid), 1 Spartan (Early-mid), 1 Blue Crop ( Mid) and 1Elliott (Late). 1 yo tissue cultured plants. 

Sweetheart blueberries are strong and resilient. They grow upright 6 feet. Sweetheart blueberry plants adapt to any soil types and have Southern and northen origin. Best in climates with winter hardiness and in hot climates too. DELICIOUS!!

Spartan is considered the best all around variety for adaptability, long production period, high yield fruit and disease resistance. Very delicious ! It is a perfect addition to any garden. 

Berries are large and are in solid clusters. Excellent taste. Whole cluster ripens at once. Very easy to pick. It is perfect for U-pick and direct market sales where a hand picked standout berry is needed. Yields have been excellent. It is recommended for production in areas with milder winters where high-chill varieties do well. 

Elliot blueberries are a late variation of blueberry plants. They bloom in July. These blueberry plants grow to be 5-6' tall. The blueberries from this plant are great for pies and preserves. And for fresh eating.

 Zones 5-7. Size 1yo tissue cultured plants