4- Large Southern Delicious Package Zone 7-8 early-mid season 1 gal. Size

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Southern Delicious Package:  We offer 4 blueberry plants in this package: 2 DeSoto (mid season) and 2 Brightwell (early-mid season). Large plants, Size: 1 gal. Zones: 7-8

They are highly productive. Fruit of 'DeSoto' are medium to large, have excellent color, flavor and firmness with a small picking scar and ripen about 14 to 21 days after 'Climax', one of the earliest bearing rabbiteye blueberry cultivars. 'DeSoto' is recommended for local fresh market, pick-your-own and dooryard I garden plantings.

The Brightwell berries are medium-large in size, have small, dry stem scars, and have good flavor and color. Plants are vigorous and upright and can be mechanically harvested for the fresh market with good weather conditions. The berries are very firm and round, so they roll nicely on most packing lines. Brightwell is partially self-fertile.