6-AC Wendy Junebearing Early season 12 cm pots

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6 Plants. Early season. Canadian variety! AC Wendy Junebearing Plant (fragaria x ananassa) (Pat. 18,340, was developed by the Kentville Research Station in Nova Scotia. An Evangeline cross, Wendy's fruit are larger than Evangeline. The berry is wedge-shaped to conic, with firm, bright red colored flesh. Wendy has  excellent sweet fresh flavor. Plants are vigorous and runner well. They are moderately resistant to powdery mildew and red stele, but susceptible to vertcillium wilt. Frost damage potential, very early flowering. Trials showed Wendy to be highly productive, of good quality, and it held its fruit size throughout the season. We highly recommend this new variety. Zones 3-8. Size: 12 cm-6 plants.