6-Cabot Strawberries Junebearing Zone: 4-7, Mid-Late Season 6-Jumbo Pack

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6-Cabot Strawberry plants Junebearing. Mid-Late Season. U.S. Plant Patent #16,971 [(Elsanta x K79-S) x K79-4].Cabot strawberry is known for its huge berries, excellent flavor, winter hardiness and disease resistance. It is by far the best-tasting big berry ever! Our customer survey indicates Cabot is best adapted for northern locations and where very large fruit size is required. The berries have excellent flavor; color and firmness were rated good. First fruits may split or be rough. Plants are vigorous, but may not run freely indicating closer spacing may be required. Cabot is recommended for direct marketing growers. Zone 4-7, 6-Jumbo Pack.