6-Honeoye Strawberries Junebearing Zone: 4-8, early-mid season 12 cm pots

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6- Allstar will be available at the beginning of May. Order ONLY for May 2022 shipment, order separately,please!

6- Darselect  Strawberries Junebearing. Early-Mid Season. U.S. Plant Patent #10,402. Canadian PBR #97-1063. (Parker x Elsanta).Darselect strawberry is a highly productive, widely adapted variety for plasticulture or matted-row production. In our customer survey, 90% rated Darselect as good to excellent for size, color, appearance and plant vigor. Its sweet, tasty fruit was rated very good for flavor and firmness. Various yield trials reported producing over 20,000 pounds per acre. Depending upon location, Darselect will fruit from early mid-season to mid-season. Darselect requires good amounts of nitrogen, and appropriate amounts of magnesium and potassium during fruit growth to enhance its performance. Patent laws prohibit propagation of this variety. Signed non-propagation agreement may be required before shipment. 12 cm pots.