6-HoneyWave 4 Japanese-American Honeyberries BerriesUnlimited 1.5 yo tissue cultured plants Zones 2-7

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Haskap Honeyberry 6 Pack

6-Honeywave 4 Japanese-American Honeyberries from BerriesUnlimited releases: 6 plants: 2 of 3 varieties: Blue Cloud,  Honey Smoke, Strawberry Sensation. Late season varieties. All of them have Japanese origin but they were released by Berries Unlimited in the US. Blue Cloud has slightly oval berries, they are sweet with excellent fresh flavor. Blue Cloud has Large  sweet tasted berries. Honey Smoke  has oval  berries, very sweet with delicious smoked  flavour. Strawberry Sensation has almost  round  berries, with nice sweet taste and amazing  flavor Strawberry Flavour. Zones: 2-7 Size: 1.5-2 yo tissue cultured plants