6-Mara Des Bois Strawberries Everbearing Zones 4-7 6-Jumbo pack

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6-Mara Des Bois will be available at the  beginning of May! Order ONLY for May2022 shipment or order separately,please!

6-Jumbo Pack. Mara Des Bois strawberry was developed by a French breeding program. A strong performing strawberry plant with remarkable fragrance. This variety produces small to medium fruit, and contains the highest flavor and fragrance of any everbearer. Berries have an attractive red color with a high gloss. Planted in the spring, Mara Des Bois will produce fruit during the summer into the fall. The following spring it also produces a good spring crop. Although considered a specialty variety for home gardeners, it is also good for commercial applications when high taste and berry fragrance is required. Freezing Quality is Excellent. Zones: 4 - 7, 6-Jumbo pack