6- Plant Special Apache Floricane Thornless 12 cm pots

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6-Plant Special Apache consists of 6 Apache. Available in the end of March. Apache (Pat # 11865) Apache is an ERECT-growing, high quality, productive blackberry. It produces larger and higher yields than previously-released Arkansas thorn less blackberries. Apache fruit is blocky, conical and very attractive with a glossy, black finish. Apache has a good flavor and would be excellent for home gardeners, as well as the commercial grower. Form: deciduous semi-woody canes. Sun exposure: full sun. Height / habit: 5' - 8', upright. Spread: 4' - 8'. Spacing: 3'-4'. Hardiness zone: 5-9 ( -10 degrees F). Foliage type: compound, mid green, pubescent. Flower form: open single rose-like flowers, 5-10 to a cluster and 1-2 clusters per cane. Flower color: white. Flowering date: early summer. Planting requirements plant t the same depth it is growing at in the container. Firm well and water in thoroughly. Soil Requirements: tolerant of a wide range of soils. It will do best in well drained, humus enriched one. Growth rate: fast once established, which takes apx-5 weeks. 12 cm pot.