6-Plant Special Ouachita Jumbo Floricane Thornless 1.5 yo tissuie cultured plants

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6-Plant  Special consists of 6  Jumbo Size Ouachita (Navaho x Ark.1506). Thornless, very ERECT canes. Date of Release in Arkansas: 2003 ( Patent #17,162).Fruit size: average 6.0 to 6.5 g/berry; larger than Navaho but not as large as Apache. Firm and VERY sweet.Flavor/sweetness: very good, rated near that of Navaho; soluble solids (percent sugar) averages 10-11%.Yield: consistently high yielding in research trials; comparable to exceeding Apache and Navaho and consistently exceeds Arapaho.Shape: Canes are vigorous and erect, needing support during full harvest.Maturity date: mid season, ripens beginning approximately June 12 at Clarksville, Arkansas, and fruiting extends for about five weeks. Ripening season is between that of Arapaho and Navaho. Fruit storage and handling potential very good, near that of Navaho. Hardiness zone: 5-9. 1.5 yo Jumbo tissuew cultured plants.