7-Seven Dwarfs Blueberry Package: 2 Brunswick , 2 Top Hat, 1 Chippewa, 1 North Blue,1 Vaccinium Angustifolium (northern dwarf bushes, 1 plant free Vaccinium Angustifolium ) Zones 3-7: Plug 1-1.5 year old plants

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Blueberry Plant Variety Pack

7-Seven  Happy Dwarfs Package consists of 2 Brunswick, 2 TopHat, 2 Chippewa, and  plus 1 Vaccinium Angustifolium ( FREE) blueberry bushes. Very nice addition for your garden. Good opportunity to grow in containers or in the ground. Size:1-1.5 yo tissue cultured plants ready to go into 1 gal pots. Zones: 3-7