Bird Protection/Growing supplies/Books

Bird Protection Products and Growing Supplies For Your Berry Plants, Bushes, & Your Garden

Helpful Books and other very important  items to have for our Dear Customers!

We live healthy while we are learning something new. The more we learn the more we grow!

We know you can find a good Gardeners Book here. Thank You!

Berries Unlimited carries a variety of great growing supplies and products to protect your garden from birds g. We're your source for everything you could need for your berry plants, including:

Honeyberry & Haskap Guidebooks, Agricultural Limestone, All Purpose Plant Ties, Bird-X Protective Netting, Delafield Garden Saver, Deer-x Protective Fencing, Insect Control, Garden Fertilizer, Grass Killer, Melathion, Plant Food, Rain Gauge, PH Meter, Moisture Meter, Soil Test Kit, etc.