Boyne Red Floricane Zone 3-7 1 yo tissue cultured plant

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Boyne Red Floricane was  developed by the Fruit Crops Section of the Experimental Farm, Morden, Manitoba. It was selected in 1949 from the cross of Chief x Indian Summer made in 1947. After preliminaqy tests at Morden it was given the Morden introduction no-b.r, M-5J4  respectiirely in 1953, and for additional evaluation was distributed from the Peace River area of Albera to the Maritimes and into the United States. Comparative studies were conducted at Morden, Brandon, and Kenville in Manitoba, at Beaverlodge in Alberta, and at Kentville, Nova Scotia. Boyne was named in 1960. This is Number One raspberry where the temperatures can cause injury. It is famouse not only for its great hardiness but also for its high yields. Canes are medium tall- to 60 " high. They carry extensive lateral branches which provide a large fruiting area.Mature canes are reddish colored.   Beries have medium size, moderately glossy and fary attractive. The berries are tenderm juicy yet firm enough to handle well. They have an aromatic, sprightly flavor are medium acid. Perfect for canning, fresh eating, all kinds of preserves. Dry berries will push away your cold condition if used for making hot berry tea. Zones 3-7. 1yo tissue cultured plant.