Brightwell Blueberry (rabbiteye): Zone 7-10 early-mid season 1 gal. Size

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Brightwell (Vaccinium ashei Reade) was released in Georgia in 1983. Early-mid season. It has a reported chilling requirement of 350-400 hours but bloom date occurs with most 500-550 hour cultivars. Brightwell has been one of the most reliable cropping cultivars Approximate date of ripening in south Georgia is early-mid June to mid July . The harvest period is about 35 days. The berries are medium-large in size, have small, dry stem scars, and have excellent  flavor and color. Plants are vigorous and upright and can be mechanically harvested for the fresh market with good weather conditions. The berries are very firm and round, so they roll nicely on most packing lines.  Brightwell is partially self-fertile. Suggested pollinizers is Powderblue, Climax and Premier. Zone: 7-10. Size: 1 gal.




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