Chandler Strawberries Junebearing Early- mid season Zone 5-9 12 cm pot

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This variety will be available for shipping at the end of  April, it depends on weather conditions in Spring 2022. Please, know that Your whole order will be shipped together with Chandler or order separately if you'd like your order to be shipped earlier.

Strawberry cultivar ‘Chandler’ (Fragaria x ananassa).Plant patent #5262.The variety is a favorite of commercial strawberry growers in southern California, especially for winter production. Additionally, Chandler strawberries grow well in zone 5 through zone 9 and are well-adapted to the southern states.absolutely must have well-drained soil and be planted properly. The preferred soil pH is about 6, and additional watering is needed when rainfall is not sufficient.The vigorous, high-yielding, June-bearing Chandler strawberry plants produce very desirable strawberries. Chandler strawberries are very large, firm, and produce early-season to mid-season Very Good Commercial Variety, Particularly with Plasticulture
Good for Growing in the Coastal States and Southern States. Excellent Choice for Pick-Your-Own Strawberry Operations or U-Pick Farms. Very Large Strawberries Are Produced. High Yield of Strawberries. Excellent Flavor Profile. Zone 5-9. 12 cm pots.