Chang Bai 5 female the largest by sized of fruit Hardy Kiwi (Actinidia argut), Zone 4-8: Plug tissue cultured plant

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Chang Bai 5 Hardy Kiwi ( Actinidia arguta ) is one of the Hardy Kiwi of the Far East. It was named after the Mountain Chang Bai where it was found by. The largest Giant size.The original area is by the Chang Bai Mountain. This unique variety of Hardy Kiwi has very sweet taste and its shape reminds apple shape. Chang Bai Hardy kiwi is a great producer:100 plus lbs of delicious fruits. It needs a pollinator Hardy Male and at least a half of day full sun and well-drained soil. Harvest time: September-October. Diseases and pests resistant. Zone: 5-8. Some sources give Zone 4-9 ( up to minus 25F). it is a vine up to 12' long. Size: 1 yo tissue cultured plant.