Chicago Hardy Fig (Ficus carica): Zone 6-11, 1 Quart- tissue cultured plant

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‘Chicago Hardy’ is a brown fig, very rich and sweet. Good for containers and in the ground. Hardy Chicago is dependably hardy and ripens its figs from August until Fall frost, sometime fruiting in July.
It can survive in zone 5 (may only grow 4-5′ high) if situated in a warmer microclimate and roots are given heavy mulch protection. ‘Chicago Hardy’ dies back in cold Winter zones, and fruits on new wood, very few varieties do this.  Most fig’s new wood must survive the Winter in order to fruit the following season.
The large leaves give this plant a tropical feel, and if left unpruned, can be a very bold statement.
Prefers full sun & well drained soil, but will tolerate less of either. Pollinator friendly. Relatively wildlife resistant. 15'H-12'W.

Zone: 6-11. Size: 1QT tissue cultured plant.