Coho Red Floricane Late season Size Zones 4-8, Jumbo 1 Qt tissue cultured plants

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Coho is a new floricane fruiting red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) from the U.S. Coho’ is named after the salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch Walbaum) that is renowned for its brilliant red body coloration and late spawning runs. Origin‘Coho’ was selected in 1985 from a cross between ‘Lewis’ and ORUS 520-48 and tested as ORUS 958-10 Dept. of Agriculture–Agricultural Research Service (USDA–ARS) breeding program in Corvallis, Ore., released in cooperation with the Oregon State Agricultural Experiment Station, the Washington State Univ. Agricultural Research Center, and the Idaho Agricultural Experiment Station. ‘Coho’ is high yielding and late-ripening, and produces large, bright red, very firm fruit that separate easilyfrom the receptacle. The cultivar is best suited for fresh markets, although it has been reported to be excellent when individually quick frozen. The ‘Coho’ ripening season is later than ‘Tulameen’. It produces large fruit. The fruit are attractive and conical in shape. Drupelets are consistent in size and shape, giving the fruit a very uniform appearance and reflecting good drupelet fertility. The fruit are bright red. Fruit flavor was rated excellent. Fruit are similar to ‘Tulameen’ in firmness. The combination of firmness, flavor, and bright red, nondarkening color suggests that ‘Coho’ should be excellent for the fresh market. Height: 4-6 ft. Zones:4-9. Size: Jumbo 1 Qt