DeSoto Large(Semi Dwarf Rabbiteye ): Zone 7-9 mid season 1 gal. Size

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'DeSoto' Large (Semi Dwarf Rabbiteye ): rabbiteye blueberry is a new cultivar developed and being increased for release by the Agricultural Research Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture breeding programs in Poplarville, MS. 'DeSoto', tested as MS 63 resulted from a cross between TilO and T107. 'DeSoto' (tested as MS 63) resulted from a cross of two University of Georgia rabbiteye blueberry (Vaccinium asheii Reade) selections, T107 and TilO (Fig. 1), and seedling progeny from which DeSoto was selected in 1976 By J.M. Spiers and A.D. Draper were grown in South Mississippi. T107 resulted from a cross between 'Tifblue' Menditoo' and its fruit mature in late-to-mid season and have good quality. TilO resulted from a cross between 'Woodard' X 'Gardenblue' and its berries mature in early to-mid season. Plants of 'DeSoto' are vigorous but semi-dwarf, upright, and spreading. Its unique semi-dwarf growth habit results in bushes that attain a height of approximately 2 meters upon maturity, eliminating the necessity of top-pruning that is required for all other rabbiteye blueberry cultivars. Although plants are semi-dwarf, they are highly productive. Fruit of 'DeSoto' are medium to large, have excellent color, flavor and firmness with a small picking scar and ripen about 14 to 21 days after 'Climax', one of the earliest bearing rabbiteye blueberry cultivars. 'DeSoto' is recommended for local fresh market, pick-your-own and back porch garden plantings. 'DeSoto' was named in honor of the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto who entered Mississippi in 1541.  Size: 1 gal. Zones 7-9