Gupton Jumbo ( southern highbush ) Zone 7-9 early-mid season 2 gal. Size

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Gupton, tested as MS548, was selected in 1991 by Arlen D. Draper and James M. Spiers at Stone County, MS, from a seedling population derived from a cross of MS122 · MS6 made in Beltsville, MD, in 1988, and its  pedigree shows that it is a complex hybrid involving species including V. corymbosum, V. darrowi, and a small amount of V.virgatum that descended from Sharpblue (Lyrene and Sherman, 1992). Gupton has the same pedigree as two more recently released cultivars, Camelia  (NeSmith and Draper, 2007) and Blue Suede (NeSmith and Ehlenfeldt, 2010). Gupton  produces an abundance of medium to large greater than 2.0 g, attractive, light blue fruit, and berry firmness and resistance to rain-induced berry splitting are among its notable attributes. Plants of Gupton are upright with narrow crowns, and, in comparison with rabbiteye blueberries, mature plants require little pruning to manage excessive growth. apx 550 chilling hours. It ripens before the earliest Rabbiteye bushes. Its durability and performance on both upland and sandy soils endemic to the Gulf Coast and consistent production of high quality fruit  will meet the demand for early ripening fresh-market blueberries. DELICIOUS! Zones:7-9 2 gal. Size. Large!