Happy Giant (Mid season) New !! 1 gal. Size

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Happy Giant is a new release. Early season variety. 5+ft tall. Main branches are upright. Berries are in big groups, oval to pear shape. Large 1 inch+ long. Weight of berry is from 1.5g to  2+g. Tangy taste. Berries are easy to pick. Skin is medium thick, scar is not wet. Number one berry for making alcohol, Jam/Jelly and cooking/baking. Zone 2-7. Possible to grow in hotter areas with plenty of water through the hot period. Full SunshineSize: 1 gallon Large Size.

Our Honeyberries are grown from tissue culture, they are virus indexed. In selecting Honeyberry varieties it is important to have a good pollinator. You should always remember that Honeyberries require at least 2-3 varieties for cross pollination. The more varieties You have the better pollination-production.