HoneyQueen Yellow Floricane DELICIOUS! Zones 3-7 1 gal.Size

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Honey Queen  was introduced by Robert Erskine from Alberta’s Rocky Mountain House in 1966. It is the hardiest of the yellow raspberries. It has good-sized, aromatic berries that have a mild but entirely different flavour than the red berries. The berries are considered soft, and poorly suited to freezing and processing, but are excellent fresh. A unique variety developed by Mr. Robert Erskin of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The parentage is a cross between "Herman" and old standard red raspberry and a wild raspberry. Honey Queen produces yellow, well armed canes with an arching habit and many laterals, rarely over 4ft in height. The season begins in mid-July with beautiful amber-golden colored fruit, and lasts about 3 weeks. While Honey Queen was not a favorite with out commercial pickers due to the rasping thorns, the color and unique flavor made them a big hit with the kids and other connoisseurs of these summer gems. A treasure from the collection of Clayton Berg, Helena, MT. Honey Queen is very winter hardy, definitely of gourmet quality and highly recommended anywhere in Montana. A new block is in production at this time, not currently available to our wholesale customers.This is one of the hardiest yellow raspberries. Floricane. The cultivar has large  bright yellow, sweet fruits with nice  and  very aromatic flavor. Canes have yellow color, with arching habit. Zone 3-7. 1 gal Size.