Lingonberry Koralle (Vaccinium vitisideae) Zone 2-5, 6-7 for West Coast. 1 yo tissue cultured plant

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More commonly known as Lingonberry, (Vaccinium vitisideae ‘Koralle’) was developed in Germany. Its small, glossy, evergreen leaves take on a mahogany hue during the winter months. Near white to pink flowers bloom Spring to Fall, followed by bright red, edible berries. Plant ‘Koralle’ in full sun for optimal berry production.‘Koralle’ naturalizes well, is resistant to deer and rabbits, and is self-pollinating, making it an excellent choice for use indoors, mixed containers, or as ground cover.  BOTANICAL NAME -- Vaccinium vitis-ideae ‘Koralle’ COMMON NAME -- Koralle Lingonberry, Lingonberry,Mountain Cranberry, Cowberry, Foxberry USDA HARDINESS --2 to 7. 10 YEAR SIZE -- 1’H x 1.5’W HABIT -- Fruiting, spreading, evergreen ground cover. CULTURE -- Full sun for best berry production; very acidic, humid soil that is moist, but well drained FEATURES Glossy, small, shiny-smooth, evergreen leaves;  Near white, to pink flowers Spring to Fall; Bright red berries that are excellent for eating or cooking. Zones 2-5, 6-7 zones are for West Coast. 1 yo tissue cultured plant