Loganberry Floricane Thornless, 12 cm Zones 6-9 early season

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Loganberry Bush

Loganberry Floricane  Thornless (Rubus × loganobaccus), early season, is a hybrid of blackberry (Rubus ursinus) and raspberry (Rubus idaeus) The loganberry was derived from a cross between Rubus ursinus (R. vitifolius) 'Aughinbaugh' (octaploid) as the female parent and Rubus idaeus 'Red Antwerp' (diploid) as the male parent (pollen source). It was accidentally created in 1881 in Santa Cruz, California, by the American judge and horticulturist James Harvey Logan (1841–1928).

The vines or canes of the Loganberry grow entirely unlike either the blackberry or raspberry. They trail or grow upon the ground more like the dewberry. They are exceedingly strong growers, each shoot or branch reaching a growth of eight to ten feet in one season, the aggregate growth of all the shoots on one plant amounting to from forty to fifty feet.

The canes or vines are very large—without the thorns of the blackberry bushes—but have very fine  very soft spines, felt like fur. The leaves are of a deep green color, coarse and thick, and also like those of the raspberry. Early season. The fruit is as large as the largest size blackberry, is of the same shape, prolonged, with globules similar to that fruit, and the color, when fully ripe, is a dark bright red. It has the combined flavor of both berries, pleasant, mild, vinous, delightful to the taste and peculiar to this fruit alone.

It is excellent for the table, eaten raw or cooked, and for jelly or jam is without an equal. The seeds are very small, soft and not abundant, being greatly different from both its parents in this respect. The vines are enormous bearers, and the fruit is very firm and carries well. Zones 6-9. 12 cm pot

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    Posted by J from Missouri on 29th Jun 2022

    Berry Update

    If I had to choose one berry bush based on it's beauty, the loganberry would have the top spot. This is a very attractive bush, the leaves are absolutely by beautiful, and the enormous, soft and delicious berries look stunning in the row. Highly recommend this one!

    Thank you!

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    Posted by J from Missouri on 2nd Mar 2021

    In great condition, arrived ready to grow! Don't be afraid to order from this company. I have placed seve al orders, and haven't been disappointed in the plants or the helpful customer service. If you're not sure about how to grow these plants, just ask them or read their very informative articles on the site.

    Thank you.