NEW! Blue Delight Large BerriesUnlimited release(PPAF) late season 12 cm pot Zones 2-7

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Buy  from BerriesUnlimited to be sure that you get the  real Blue Delight variety you are looking for!

Blue Delight Honeyberry. One of our new sweet varieties. Released by BerriesUnlimited. Japanese origin , American selection. It has dark blue berries, shape is oval bells. Very Sweet. Delicious with unique flavor! Zone: 2-7. 12 cm pot. Very Large plant.

Our Honeyberries are grown from tissue culture, they are virus indexed. In selecting Honeyberry varieties it is important to have a good pollinator. You should always remember that Honeyberries require at least 2-3 varieties for cross pollination. The more varieties You have the better pollination-production.