New! Eclipse Floricane Thornless Blackberry Zone: 5-9, early season: Plug tissue cultured plant

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Eclipse is a  NEW! Thornless Floricane blackberry variety. Semierect. it has very good fruit quality,Fruits are medium but very well-shaped, uniform, firm, glossy,sweet with a good flavor. Vigorous plants giving decent yields. Easy to harvest. Brix ( sugar content) is almost 14% Machinery harvesting is possible. Eclipse is hardy to -10F but better to protect it for winter as all the other blackberries in colder areas.

It was the first of the three varieties, including Galaxy and Twilight , from these crosses to move from the test fields to final selection. Its name was changed from ORUS 2816-4 to Eclipse to commemorate the total solar eclipse visible in Corvallis in 2017.

One of Eclipse's parents, Triple Crown, known for highest marks in productivity, vigor and flavor, ripens in late summer. Eclipse inherited the same triple high scores, but it ripens earlier, filling a hole in the fresh market harvest season between when trailing varieties ripen and when Triple Crown ripens.

"Eclipse inherited Triple Crown's outstanding flavor, beloved for its sweet, fruity taste, with hints of root beer and spice. But what Eclipse has that Triple Crown doesn't is a firmer skin that gives you a good pop when you bite down. Firmer skin also means the berries handle and ship better and don't leak, which is always an attractive feature for the fresh market," said biological technician Mary Peterson, who works in the blackberry breeding program with Dr Chad E Flinn who was one of the most famouse blackberry breeders.The Eclipse blackberry variety is a product from the collaboration between the USDA and Oregon State University. Zone: 5-9. 1 yo tissue cultured plant.