NEW!! Unique Tixia™Red Gooseberry Delicious(Variety - Rafzvicta) Mid-Late season Zone 3-8 , 1 gal. plant

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Tixia™(Variety - Rafzvicta).A new cultivar from Peter Hauenstein of Rafz, Switzerland; the original cross was made in 1990 with ‘Invicta’ as the female parent. Tixia bears large, bright red fruit in midsummer; the upper shoots are virtually thorn-free (one-year-old shoots have a few, relatively soft thorns).  variety #3348.This Red Gooseberry is semi-thornless, very vigorous and productive. Fruit is very large with a beautiful, bright red color. DELICIOUS! Plants are resistant to mildew. pH 6.00-6.5, Zone: 3-8. 1 gal. Size.