Ochlockonee Blueberry (rabbiteye): Zone 7-9 very late season 1 gal. Size

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DELICIOUS! ‘Ochlockonee’ (rabbiteye): (USPP 17,300) (ok-LAHK-uh-nee), named after the Ochlockonee River in south Georgia, is a late season rabbiteye blueberry that was released in 2002. Plants of Ochlockonee are vigorous, upright and have moderately narrow crowns. They produce abundant fruiting stems annually with only moderate growth. Ochlockonee is very productive in yield, substantially exceeding Tifblue, a widely grown older standard variety. Berries of Ochlockonee ripen about one week after Tifblue, and are larger in size. Other important fruit characters (stem scar, color, firmness, and flavor) of Ochlockonee are good, being similar to Tifblue and Powderblue. Plants of Ochlockonee generally flower late enough to escape spring freezes in south and middle Georgia. It is recommended that both large commercial and smaller growers desiring a late ripening rabbiteye blueberry try Ochlockonee in areas where rabbiteye blueberries are successfully grown. The estimated chill requirement of the variety is 650 to 700 hours < 45F (7 C). Ochlockonee has proven to be suitable for mechanical harvesting. The variety should be planted with other rabbiteye blueberries for cross pollination, and Powderblue is a recommended companion variety. Size: 1 gal. Zones 7-9