Polka Red Primocane Early season 1 gal. Size Zones 4-8

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Polka Red Primocane Early season.  Polka counted as one of the BEST raspberry introductions in recent years. This is a good early Primocane variety from the latest breeding in Poland. Polka was bred at the Fruit Experiment Station in Brzezna, by Dr. Jan Danek, one of the world’s foremost raspberry breeders.  It  produces up to double the yield of many other Raspberry varieties. Autumn Bliss is one of its parents. Once established, each plant can produce the highest yield of deep-red berries with an exceptionally sweet taste which has meant that Polka has been the winner of the Autumn Kent Fruit Show for its flavor and fruit quality for the past three years. Berries are large (an average of 6.6g in early tests), evenly conical, with outstanding shelf life. Polka will crop at least 2 weeks earlier and will be ready to harvest from late July through to October. These virtually spine-free plants show a good crop in gardens with less desirable soils, all of which combine to make Polka one of the best raspberry introductions in recent years. Zone 4-8.  Size: 1 gal. 

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    Still Fruiting

    Posted by Reuben on 27th Dec 2018

    Just an update on my Polka bushes. I planted two bushes back in June. One is still producing rasberries on the distal third. In fact, its early December, and i can still see about 5-6 berries in the early stages of developing. The bush might get through the end of the year. Im getting about 5 berries a week on this bush and we are clear into December as i said. This bush recieved full sun now and during summer. The other bush, which recieved partial sun produced into October. As soon as polka bush #1 stopped producing in late October, i cut it back down to the roots. It is now regrowing multiple primocanes that will produce heavily next fall on the distal thirds. At the end of december, i will cut bush #2 down to the root ball and grow both these bushes out to full size this season now that i will have the entire growing season ahead of me. Cant wait to see how they do when the bush is allowed to grow out fully this season.

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    Polka working out well

    Posted by Reuben Valles on 27th Dec 2018

    We ordered and planted our two Polka bushes in mid June. Very Hardy bush, does well in our warm California sun and summer. By July our one gallon primocane Polka bushes were prospering and fruiting on the distal third of the primacanes. These Rasberries are as advertised. Beautiful, large, deep redish maroon rasberries are very tasty. Sweet flavor and delicious whether you pick them a few days early or they are left on the vine a couple extra days. ie a very delicious and easy to grow rasberry! In the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles the temps can reach 110 degrees, and these bushes have held up well.