Prolific Hardy Kiwi (Actinidia Arguta): Zone 4-8: 12cm tissue cultured plant

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Prolific is a very sweet self fertile  hardy kiwi variety. It is less aggressive than other kiwi varieties, Prolific  vine is perfect for trellises and fences. Most kiwis that require a male and female to produce fruit, Prolific is self-fertile.One plant will yield delicious, grape-sized ( 1.5 inch ) fruit. Can be planted with a femail plant. The plant is extremely hardy. Pest-free. Planted in full sun in colder areas anbd in part shade in hotter areas the fragrant flowers will bloom in early summer and turn into  sweet, smooth-skinned fruits in fall.  Rich in Vitamin C. Zone: 4-8. Size: 1 yo tissue cultured plant.