Razz Jumbo Blueberry (northern highbush): Zone 4-7 mid season 1 gal. Size

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RAZZ, tested as 11-104, is a sibling of the cultivars ‘Bluecrop’ and ‘Blueray’, and is a progeny of the cross GM-37 x CU-5 (two USDA selections from early in the history of the USDA blueberry breeding program). The cross was made by F.V. Coville (USDA) in 1934 and selected in 1941 (presumably) by G.M. Darrow (USDA) and J.H. Clark (NJAES). Its desirable berries are very dark, almost black  color, and  they have an excellent flavor with remarkable raspberry overtones. It practically tastes like a real RASPBERRY,  its flavor is Unique!! Its other characteristics are: acceptable scar and acceptable firmness (similar to ‘Blueray’; 120-129 g/mm deflection). Plants of RAZZ are vigorous and robust; they are upright and less willowy than ‘Bluecrop’. Its flowering time is similar to ‘Bluecrop’. RAZZ has flowers with a distinct creamy coloration and immature foliage with less anthocyanin coloration than its siblings ‘Bluecrop’ and ‘Blueray’. RAZZ is suitable for production in areas where highbush is typically grown.

Zone 4 -7. Size: 1 gal. Large.