Red Candy Jumbo plants Lingonberry( vaccinium vitis-idae)Zone3-5, 6-8 West Coast 1 Qt Size.

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Vaccinium PP# 22,105.Lingonberry- vaccinium vitis-idaea Red Candy.Breeder: Botanic Experience BV. The Netherlands.

Vaccinium ‘Red Candy’ is also known as Lingonberry or Cowberry Bush. Lingonberry jam is very famous in Sweden but you can use the berries of Vaccinium ‘Red Candy’ also for pies and other delicious, fruity treats. You can even eat them straight of the plant but they are tart and best eaten with  sugar. This ‘Red Candy’ is a very strong plant with a compact habit: it grows to 8” tall en 10” wide. Plant ‘Red Candy’ in the partial shade or shade in a humus-rich, acidic, moist yet well-drained soil. ‘Red Candy’ offers you early flowering and fruiting and masses of berries. The berries stay on the shrub for a long time. Zone: 4-8.7-8- West coast. 1 Qr Size. Tissue cultured plants. Large.