Royalty Purple Floricane Late season Size: 1 gal Zones 3-7

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Royalty Purple Floricane: From New York Cornell University. (Cumberland x  Newburgh) x (Newburgh x Indian Summer) (PP#5,405) 1982 Royalty raspberry plant produces HUGE, high-quality with unbelievable flavor, purple fruit.  Michigan State University calls it "the sweetest purple raspberry available" and it is flavorful enough to eat fresh, or preserve in jams and jellies. Royalty raspberries ripen late in the season, are reddish-purple to dull purple when they are fully ripe, but it is possible to pick them when they are slightly immature, red berries. This raspberry plant has long, thorny canes and it produces high yields of fruit.  Hardiness is acceptable for northern growing areas Zones: 3-7.  Size: 1 gallon