San Andreas Strawberries Everbearing Zones: 3-9 , Early season 12 cm pot

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This variety will be available for shipping on March 10th-March 15th, it depends on weather conditions in Spring 2021. Please, know that Your whole order will be shipped together with San Andreas or order separately if you'd like your order to be shipped earlier.

1 plant. Sun Andreas (U.S. Plant Patent #19,975). This invention relates to a new and distinctive day-neutral type cultivar designated as ‘San Andreas’, which resulted from a cross performed in 2001 between the cultivar ‘Albion’ (U.S. Plant Pat. No. 16,228) and advanced selection Cal 97.86-1. ‘San Andreas’ was first fruited at the University of California Wolfskill Experimental Orchard, near Winters, Calif. in 2002, where it was selected, originally designated Cal 1.139-2, and propagated asexually by runners. Following selection and during testing, the plant of this selection was designated ‘CN223’ and, later for introduction into commerce, ‘San Andreas’. Asexual propagules from this original source have been tested at the Watsonville Strawberry Research Facility, the South Coast Research and Extension Center, and to a limited extent in grower fields starting in 2005. Variety similar to Albion. Early season. Large- Very large berries. Firm, conical shaped fruit. Very nice flavor. Good disease resistance. The fruit will be exceptional for both fresh market and processing, and will be useful for home garden purposes. Zones 3-9. 12 cm pot.