Strawberries & Exotic Fruit Plants

Strawberry Plants for Sale

Our Strawberry Plants For Sale are sold in different ways: we offer 6 potted plants within 12cm pots. We are going to have 6- Jumbo packs for mid April shipping. We offer single plants in 12 cm too. And we offer flats consisting of 18 plants in 12 cm pots. We are also going to offer flats consisting of 6x6 Jumbo packs. 36 plants in 1 Flat.. Please, order plants available only for mid spring- summer 2023 shipping separately or wait for them to order in the mid of April. We offer two typesJunebearing and Everbearing

Please, weed all the grass around at least 4 '.

Do not rely on dripping irrigation system while your plants are not established, especially if it is hot period. Water by hand!

Growing Strawberry Plants in Pots

For best results we suggest Early Plantinghowever, late frost will not harm your plants. Do not use mulch around strawberries; only high quality dry straw! Our strawberries are stored in temperature controlled storage to ensure the highest quality plants and Your planting success. 

Where To Buy Strawberry Plants

Order early to ensure availability! Strawberries are in very high demand every year. We ship all year. PLEASE, DO NOT REPLANT STRAWBERRIES RIGHT AFTER YOU OPEN THE BOX, let them stay in pots to feel more comfortable in their new location. When you can see they've started growing, then it is time to replant!

Lingonberries, Aronias, Gooseberries are great addition to Your Garden. Something different and Healthy.

Please,send an email to get info about growing Strawberries and other excotic fruits.

Strawberry Plant Varieties

We have one of the largest selection of berry plants online, on-hand. Some are sweeter, some plants yield larger berries, and more.

  • Seascape Strawberries ( Everbearing)
  • Sparkle Strawberries ( Junebearing) Mid- Late season
  • Honeoye Strawberries ( Junebearing) Early-Mid season
  • Forest Delight Strawberries (Junebearing)
  • Evie2 Strawberries ( Everbearing)
  • San Andreas Strawberries ( Everbearing)
  • Albion Strawberries ( Everbearing)
  • AC Valley Sunset Strawberriers ( Junebearing) Late season
  • Mara Des Bois Strawberries ( Everbearing)
  • Cabot Strawberries ( Junebearing) Mid- Late season
  • Brunswick Strawberries ( Junebearing) Early-Mid season
  • Galetta Strawberries ( Junebearing) Early season
  • AC Wendy Strawberries ( Junebearing) Early season
  • Earliglow Strawberry ( Junebearing) Early season
  • Allstar ( Junebearing) Mid season
  • Jewel Strawberry ( Junebearing) Mid season
  • Annapolis Strawberry ( Junebearing) Early season
  • Mayflower Strawberry ( Junebearing) Mid-Late season
  • Darselect Strawberry ( Junebearing) Early-Mid season

Other Berry Plants For Sale Online

To provide the best quality berry plants we proudly provide other varieties of berry plants. You can even contact us to sell our berry plants wholesale. Other berry plants we sell include: Haskap or HoneyberriesRaspberry PlantsBlackberry Plants for sale, and Blueberry Plants & Bushes


Our plants are very healthy, virus/diseases indexed and they will give lots of new growth this summer, being tissue cultured! Please, watch for late frost, it can cause possible damages! Cover your plants with special white material to protect them nicely.Do not leave your plants on their own, while they are not established they can be damaged. All our plants are the best varieties and in perfect shape to plant, VIGOROUSLY

growing! Ph-6.5-6.8!

Please, call 479-846-6030 to order!