Sweetie Pie Floricane Thornless tissue cultured, Zone 5-9, early season in Arkansas 12 cm pot

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Voted America's BEST blackberry! A NEW thornless blackberry USDA cultivar called ‘Sweetie Pie’ was released  that is resistant to disease and is heat tolerant but tastes delicious. This cultivar, tested as MSUS119, came from a cross between ‘Navaho’ and MSUS29. MSUS29 is a seedling from a cross of [Humble x Brazos] x Navaho. ‘Sweetie Pie’ was selected at Poplarville, Mississippi in 1996. It was subsequently propagated and tested at McNeill, Mississippi, as well as in trial plantings in Louisiana and Arkansas. ‘Sweetie Pie’ grows vigorously and produces numerous floricanes, which are thornless and have a trailing growth habit. ‘Sweetie Pie’ is resistant to Rosette disease (double blossom), one of the most limiting factors in growing blackberries in the southern United States. It's berries are medium size, glossy, black, and with have excellent flavor due to high soluble solids content, its outstanding flavor and high sugar content make it a desirable cultivar for homeowners and U-Pick operations. ‘Sweetie Pie’ ripens mid-late season (mid June–late July in South MS) and Beginning of June in Arkansas. ‘Sweetie Pie’ grows well in raised beds having a pH of 6.0 – 7.0 that are amended with organic matter. Zone 5-9. Size: 12 cm pot.