The Preserving Answer Book : Expert Tips, Techniques, and Best Methods for Preserving All Your Favorite Foods by Sherri Brooks Vinton

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In this handy kitchen reference written in a friendly question-and-answer format, Sherri Brooks Vinton tackles hundreds of common queries about preserving food.

In this comprehensive guide, expert author Sherri Brooks Vinton answers the home preserver’s most commonly asked questions about every aspect of food preservation, from refrigeration and freezing to canning, drying, and fermenting all kinds of fruits and vegetables. She also offers tips and techniques for setting up your kitchen, choosing the preserving process that best suits your needs, making equipment and ingredient substitutions, and much more. Whether you’re new to preserving or just looking to refresh your memory at the start of the season, whether you want to know the difference between jam and jelly or which varieties of tomatoes are best for canning, you’ll find the information and confidence you need with this kitchen companion in hand.

Sherri Brooks Vinton is the author of Put 'em Up!, Put 'em Up! Fruit, and The Preserving Answer Book. Vinton began her food career on the back of a motorcycle. A cross-country ride brought her face-to-face with the negative impacts of industrial agriculture and compelled her to begin a quest for food raised with integrity. Since then, her books, appearances, and hands-on workshops have taught countless eaters how to find, cook, and preserve local, seasonal food. Whether developing content, organizing events, or consulting with clients, Vinton is always working to find her next great meal. To learn more, visit

256 pages
Two-color; illustrations throughout
8 in H | 6 in W

Part 1: Getting Started
1 Basics
Why Preserve? - Safety
2 Sourcing and Storage
Finding Good Food - Recipe: White Peach Jam - Prolonging Produce
3 Prep Work
Kitchen Skills - Blanching - Peels and Pits - Recipe: Raspberry Jelly - Making the Most of It - Kitchen Tips
Part 2: Preserving Processes
4 General Canning
Workspace - Equipment - Jars - Process - Recipe: Bread-and-Butter Chips - Ingredients - When Something's Gone Wrong - What Not to Do - Storage
5 Boiling-Water Method
Basics - Setting Up - About pH and Acid - Reliable Recipes - Recipe: Pickled Okra - Filling the Jars - Loading the Canner - Processing - Checking for a Seal
6 Pressure Canning
Basics - Equipment - What to Pressure Can - Recipe: Green Beans in Water
7 Refrigeration
Recipe: Simple Brine - Recipe: Pub Pickles
8 Freezing
9 Drying
Prepping - Recipe: Dried Cherries - Methods - Storage
10 Fermentation
Encouraging a Good Ferment - Recipe: Classic Fermented Sauerkraut - Equipment - Ingredients - Storage
11 Infusions
Recipe: Strawberry Vinegar
Part 3: Putting Your Skills to Work
12 Sweet and Savory Spreads
Basics - Recipe: Quick Blueberry Jam - Recipe: Pan-Roasted Chicken with Raspberry Reduction - Equipment - Pectin - Recipe: Peel-and-Pip Pectin - Sugar
and Acid - Getting a Good Set - Troubleshooting
13 Pickles
Recipe: Pickling Spice
14 Sauces
Recipe: Blueberry Gastrique
15 Vegetables
16 Whole Fruits
Recipe: Pears in Honey Syrup
17 Tomatoes and Tomato Products
Recipe: Avalanche Sauce
Metric Conversions
Supplies and Equipment - Home Food Preserving Community and Information - Local Food Sources and Calendars