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Berries Unlimited


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Your Source for HIGH QUALITY tissue cultured small fruit plants and more!

We specialize in:

  • Honeyberry plants: our own research:jam, jelly, juice, wine and pies for healthy Family!
  • Blackberry plants:NEW USDA release Sweetie pie,desease resistant, heat tolerant, very sweet taste, also available new: Osage, Ark-Freedom,Columbia Star (NEW!) are available NOW!
  • Blueberry plants:Razz-with raspberry after taste and NEW Pink Popcorn!
  • Raspberry plants: Red, Black, Yellow, Purple. New varieties: Cascade Gold and  Vintage are available in 2015!
  • Blackberry/Raspberry Hybrid plants: always exotic:Boysen, Marion!
  • Strawberry Plants: the best varieties: uniform, delicious and productive!
  • Check out refruiting Blueberry bush-SWEETHEART (USDA)! Find Nice Garden Supplies!
  • Aronia Viking - 2 gal., 1 gal.

Contact Us if you have any questions. Our experienced horticulture staff is ready to answer Your berry cultivation needs.

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