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  • Adams Elderberry Plant

    Adams Elderberry Plant

      2 plants in 3 gal pots.Fast growing. Great source of homemade antioxidants. Pick up when the berries are fully ripened. Very large plants. Delicious berries. To eat only cooked or...
  • not large tissue cultured plants in 1 gal pots, growing very fast . Keep in the same pot for a month

    Tahi Black Raspberry

     Shekinah 'Tahi' is the first completely spineless black raspberry variety, bred at Shekinah Berry in Auckland, New Zealand. "Tahi" means Number One in Māori. It grows vigorously and more...
  • Vincent  Hardy Kiwi

    Vincent Hardy Kiwi

    Kiwi 'Vincent' produces excellent tasting, medium sized fuzzy kiwi's! 'Vincent' & 'Tomuri' make a excellent pairing in low chill areas & performs good up to zone 7. These fuzzy kiwi's both...