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  • Tahi Black Raspberry

    Tahi Black Raspberry

     Shekinah 'Tahi' is the first completely spineless black raspberry variety, bred at Shekinah Berry in Auckland, New Zealand. "Tahi" means Number One in Māori. It grows vigorously and more...
  • Blanc du Bois  Muscadine

    Blanc du Bois Muscadine

    'Blanc du Bois' Grape is performs well in the southern states due to its ability to hold up well in heat and humidity. 'Blanc du Bois' is resistant to Pierce's Disease. It also performs very well on...
  • Issai  Hardy Kiwi

    Issai Hardy Kiwi

    Kiwi arguta 'Issai' is the only self-fertile hardy kiwi. The vine is less vigorous than other kiwi's which enables it to be grown in gardens with limited space. This kiwi plant has been known to...