About Berries Unlimited

 We do not have a printed catalog. Our website is our catalog!

Berries Unlimited is a wholesale grower and licensed propagator of many varieties of small fruits such as BlackberriesBlueberriesRaspberries, Honeyberriesand Strawberries. The majority of our plants are tissue cultured virus indexed plants and propagated under sterile conditions. This means that our plants have No Viruses, so you know that when you purchase a plant from us, they are the highest quality available. Berries Unlimited is the largest developer, grower, and exporter of Honeyberries (Haskap) in the US.


Contacting Berries Unlimited: Please, e-mail us if you have questions about berry selection, etc. Please, phone us about Wholesale. 

Email:  berriesunlimitedusa@gmail.com

 We'll answer all Your questions by e-mail and will send you additional information.
Phone: (479)846-6030 
Mailing Address: 807 Cedar Lane, Prairie Grove, AR 72753 USA. You can use it to pay by check.

Affiliated Companies

 Delafield Bio-Technologist
 Deane Honey Company LLC
 Delafield Garden Saver LLC