Shipping Information

We ship our plants (none of  herbicides or pesticides! ) all year but IF the temperatures are too high to ship plants safely we can postpone shipment to the fall.  We also can keep your plants through the winter IF you are in a colder zone than Zone 7-8 ( where you can plant through the winter) or for some reason want to plant later. Let us know WHEN You would like to get your shipment and it will be there at the best time for your needs. We are in zone 7, so the plants are tolerant to very cold temperatures as well as the plants are tolerant to the hot weather and can be planted all summer.The only thing You must watch carefully in summer  is WATERING. Please, do it REGULARLY to have the plants rooted in faster and to get a better crop. Please, do not replant Honeyberries and Raspberries in an instant! Let them rest  for several days (3-4) after shipping. Do not put them in bright sunny  hot place right after travelling in the darkness in the box! Please, read  on the website how to grow our berries. All instructions are on line!

Once plants have arrived safely, they are in your care and are not under guarantee ( being out of our control and care), however, we are ALWAYS more than happy to assist you if you're having trouble with a plant.

We stopped using Pine  Shavings for packing. We use fluffy Pop corn: it  gives more aeration and less pressure for plants. Do not open boxes If it is windy around not to get pop corn mess!

If You have any questions about Your plants, please E-MAIL us or call us (479)846-6030! We are very busy this time of the year and sometimes we are late with answering Your phone calls, just call again!! But we check the voice mail every other hour.

Your planting success is very important to us. To ensure prompt, reliable delivery of your order, Berries Unlimited ships all of its products via UPS. UPS will send You e-mail. Your order will be shipped once the particular bush you have ordered becomes available for shipping. If you want to have different shipping address and do not know how to do it online, please, send us an e-mail or just call 479-846-6030 and we'll change Your shipping address in the invoice. Please e-mail for further information.

Shipments to the continental United States cost 19.75% of the total order, with $19.75 per order being the minimum. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. We also can not ship to a post office box.

Availability Notice

Orders are accepted on condition they may be voided or delayed without liability to seller due to delay or failure to deliver caused by crop failure, inclement weather, drought, hail, flood, fire, frost, freeze, strikes, or other causes beyond our control. It is understood that all orders accepted are subject to availability of stock at time of delivery.


We reserve the right to substitute and ship the next grade larger or smaller in the same container size, at the current price of that grade if the grade ordered is not available.

We reserve the right to substitute a similar variety of our plants if one you ordered is not available for immediate shipment.


Please, e-mail us at Returns are accepted for a credit within 10 days of the shipping date (minus the original shipping cost). We'll have to charge You for re shipping.



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