Shipping Information


Please note, pictures of plants that were damaged in the shipping process are required to be sent to our email, .


We want you to be satisfied. Please, read our care instructions attentively to grow healthy, productive plants. If your plants were damaged during shipping, take pictures upon their arrival. We will provide a merchandise credit for the full amount of your purchase price. This is valid within 48hours of you receiving your order. All blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, elderberries, lingonberries, kiwis, figs, muscadine, strawberries, and honeyberries are included in this credit policy.

Our customer service representatives are available to help you succeed with your plants.
Contact Customer Service: (479)846-6030 or  send email to :


Please be sure to do research regarding your plants and follow advice given on our website/ the back of your invoice. Thank you!



Your planting success is very important to us. To ensure prompt, reliable delivery of your order, Berries Unlimited ships all of its products via FedEx. They will send you an email with T#. Your order will be shipped once the particular bush you have ordered becomes available for shipping. Note: Your order might be delayed due to weather conditions! If you want to have a different shipping address and do not know how to do it online, please, send us an email or just call 479-846-6030 and we'll change your shipping address on the invoice. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

Shipments to the continental United States cost a minimum of $25.00 per order. If your subtotal is over $100.00US then shipping cost will be 25% of the subtotal. We can ship to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada depending on size of order via UPS.  We also cannot ship to a post office box (PO box). We must have a physical address.

We ship our  herbicide or pesticide free plants all year but IF the temperatures are too high to ship plants safely we can postpone shipment to the fall.  We also can keep your plants through the winter IF you are in a colder zone than Zone 7-8 ( where you can plant through the winter) or  if for some reason you want to plant later. Let us know WHEN You would like to get your shipment and it will be there at the best time for your needs. We are in zone 7, so the plants are tolerant to very cold temperatures as well as are tolerant to the hot weather and can be planted all summer.The only thing You must watch carefully in summer  is WATERING. Please, do it REGULARLY to have the plants rooted in faster and to get a better crop. Do not use drip irrigation on unestablished plants. Water by hand until the roots are well established and the plant starts growing vigorously.

Please, do not replant the plants you get ( especially Raspberries ) in an instant! Let them rest  for several days (3-4) after shipping. Do not put them in a bright sunny hot place right after traveling in the darkness in the box!  Do not keep them in shade for days. They all need sun to recover before planting. Please, read  on the website how to grow our berries. All instructions are on line and common sense info is right in your invoice! Note for sizes less than 1 gallon: If you are not sure on your gardening skills or the weather is too cold/hot it is better - for cold weather to wait for warmer conditions to replant into the ground. For extreme heat conditions it is easier to replant into one-two size larger pots ( depending on size of the plant) and keep there until the temperatures are under 80 F degrees. This way your plants will grow much faster than being replanted into the ground. Please, do not forget that You can not use any common soil from your garden to plant in pots. Soil should be professional, for example- Miracle Grow. Soil from your field/garden always has  different funguses that are not very harmful to grow in open space but if to use it for potting plants it can kill your plants very fast. You can maintain them much easier growing in cultural soil in pots to let them become larger and stronger for safer field planting in fall.


  • Do not ask us to ship in winter if you are in zone 3-6. Plants can easily get damaged from winter frost. Watch out for late frost too. Cover the plants very nicely. The roots will not develop if soil is cold so it is better to get plants when  air and  soil are warm. This prevents possible plant damage. 
  • Do not over fertilize.
  • Keep Raspberries and Strawberries in containers until you see new growth
  • Do not use drip irrigation systems on new plants, water by hand
  • Do not plant on the standing water or high water table
  • Do not let soil dry out too much
  • Weed everything around (at least 4 feet circle around)
  • Do not use acidic or dyed mulch. Read about mulch requirements on the website. Do not put any mulch around the plant base( at least 2 feet  should stay mulch free ) until the plant gets established very well and start growing vigorously then  add mulch very carefully . First do not put more than 1 inch. Please, watch how the plant reacts. Mulch should be Pine! No Cedar or Cypress, please. You can use highest quality straw for mulching in hot summers but it should not be pressed around. The straw should be fluffy not to prevent aeration.
  • Do not keep outside plants inside! It damages their root system very fast.
  • Do not place the plants you have received on the wooden, concrete, tile floors, porches. Also avoid  wooden, metal tables, benches or tables with metal netting. Plants must feel the ground. If you have weeds/grass on the ground, put some tarp or landscaping material to protect plants from fungus that weeds can develop.
  • Protect plants from wild and domestic animals. Use metal netting, fencing, etc.
  • Keeping outdoor growing plants indoors will harm and potentially kill. Keep Your plants outdoors on a tarp until you are ready to plant to keep them safe.
  • If you grow plants in planters in cold climates, you should protect them from winter damage. Mulch around planters and covering the plants with special white plant protective material.
  • Plant spacing, Soil requirements, pruning,pollination, watering, planting, protection, etc., can be found on our website in special chapters and above plant descriptions.




 Guarantee: There are so many variables to a plant's survival which we explain in our " Articles" section that can affect the well-being of your plant. Because of this, once you have received your plants safely, it is no longer under guarantee. But we are ALWAYS more than happy to assist you if you're having trouble with a plant or its care.

In our shipping boxes, we use Popcorn packing as it is safer for the plants but take caution!  If you are outside on a windy day when you open the box, you may get a popcorn shower! Our packing peanuts are made with corn and can be added to compost/soil. They dissolve with water.

If You have any questions about Your plants, please EMAIL us or call us (479)846-6030! We are very busy this time of the year and sometimes we are late with answering Your phone calls, just call again!! But we check the voice mail every other hour.


Availability Notice

Orders are accepted on condition they may be voided or delayed without liability to the seller due to delay or failure to deliver caused by crop failure, inclement weather, drought, hail, flood, fire, frost, freeze, strikes, or other causes beyond our control. It is understood that all orders accepted are subject to availability of stock at time of delivery.


We reserve the right to substitute ( we will contact you to discuss the varieties you agree to receive) or we will refund.