6-Evie2 Strawberries Everbearing Zones 4-8 12 cm pots

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Everbearing Evie2 will be available for shipping in the Mid of March! Please, order separately if You want your other items earlier because we will  ship all of your plants together in 1 shipment.

6 plants!Commercial growers will want to plant this strawberry variety from the Peter Vinson breeding program in Kent, England. An improvement over the Everest, this day-neutral is easier to grow, higher yielding and less sensitive to the warm summer temperatures that shut down day-neutral production in the East and Midwest. Berries have an attractive red color, good flavor and maintain good size. In fruiting trials here, Evie-2 produced the largest spring crop of any day-neutral variety we have tested to date. Zone:4-8. 12 cm pots.