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Dive into our extensive selection, categorized into Northern and Southern blueberry plants and bushes. Our 2 to 4+ years old plants are ready for planting, promising longevity and peak yields for many years to come. The beauty of our blueberry bushes extends beyond fruit production; they are ornamental and fit seamlessly into various landscapes, making excellent hedges.

Choose Your Ideal Blueberry Plants: Northern Blueberry or Southern Blueberry Varieties
Popular Varieties Include:
Pink Lemonade
Top Hat
Sunshine Blue




USDA Hardiness Zone-Specific Shopping for Your Convenience
There is a lot of confusion about Northern varieties vs Southern varieties. For example, Duke is considered a northern blueberry, but the number one blueberry planted in North Carolina is Duke! You can grow some of the harder Southern varieties in the North, zone 5: O'Neal, Sunshine Blue.

 Discover the perfect blueberry plants tailored to your specific climate, making the ordering process easy and stress-free. Check your hardiness zone on our Zone Map, accessible with a simple click.

Year-round Shipping for Your Convenience
At Berries Unlimited, we understand the importance of timing in gardening. That's why we ship blueberries all year round. You'll receive detailed tracking information from FedEx, ensuring you're informed at every step. Specify your preferred shipping date when placing an order, and we'll accommodate your schedule.

Tips For Successfully Planting Blueberries 
Please take note of our guidelines for optimal growth. We do not sell bare root plants, and we recommend using pine mulch for the best results. Follow our advice on repotting, mulching, and winter care to maximize the health and yield of your blueberry plants.

Please, read all the information on our website. It was written for unestablished plants specifically. Please, read all our stickers on the invoices attached to the shipments. Please, do not use cedar or any other acidic mulch or any colored mulch, do not apply any mulch until the plants are rooted in and established! Keep 2 ft circle mulch free for a while. We recommend Pine mulch. Oak is possible too but for mature plants only. All our 1-gallon plants are at least 3 years old. Our 1-year-old -1.5-year-old tissue cultured plants are ready to go into 1 gal pots ( not a larger size pot! Do not use any common soil for repotting them! Use any professional soil for acid-loving plants) to be replanted in the ground in fall: it is the easiest way to get larger plants through the growing season 2023 and through the summer heat. If you are not sure that you can weed them when grass grows very fast or water them when it is so very hot, please follow this advice!! This way You will have very large plants in the fall and can safely plant them into the ground after the hot season finishes and you have nice temperatures and enough rain water! Do not let blueberries planted in the pots spend the next coming winter in those pots!!! They will get frozen and You will lose them. DO Not mulch the plant base (1 ft for 1 gal pots) after replanting into the ground in the fall or in spring or mulch it like 1/3 of an inch! Mulch in winter or in early spring when the plant gets established and looks healthy and growing.

Please, weed all the grass around at least 4 '.

Do not rely on a dripping system while your plants are not well established, especially if it is hot. Water by hand, please!

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