Champion & Pixwell Gooseberry package 2 plants, 1 gal. Size Zones 3-7

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Champion & Pixwell Gooseberry Package: We offer package of 2 large bushes planted in 1 gallon pots. Most delicious and popular varieties. Gooseberry Pixwell (Ribes hirtellium) - practically thornless, 4-5 ft tall, rosy-pink delicious sweet berries. Champion (Ribes hirtellium)-3-4 ft tall, yellowish, delicious, sweet berries. Spacing 3-4 ft apart, diseases and drought resistant. Wide range of soil acceptable but well drained. Rich in pectin, healthy fiber, Vitamins A, C, D + .potassium, calcium, phosphorus, niacin. Fresh eating, frozen/dry, jam, jelly, wine, baking (pancakes), whatever you may desire to get growing those plants.  Unable to ship to: AE, AK, DE, GU, HI, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ, PR, RI, VA, WV.