Pink Lemonade, Zone 4-9 mid-late season 1 yo tissue culture plant

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PINK LEMONADE :  It is a cross of  (NJ 89?158?1 x Delite (V. ashei) and was originally tested as ARS 96-138.) The female parent, (NJ 89?158?1) came from a cross of (two triploids, NJ 856?1 x NJ 859?1 made by Dr. Nicholi Vorsa (Rutgers University). The clone NJ 856?1 is a cross of G-434 (a sibling of 'Pink Champagne') x NJ 85-CS (an albino-fruited, wild, 2x selection of V. corymbosum). The clone NJ 859?1 is a cross of V. darrowi>Florida 4B= x Rancocas (see attached pedigree).) The cross that produced PINK LEMONADE was made by M.K. Ehlenfeldt at Chatsworth, New Jersey in 1991. PINK LEMONADE was selected in 1996 by M.K. Ehlenfeldt at the Marucci Center for Blueberry & Cranberry Research and Extension, Chatsworth, NJ. The selection was subsequently evaluated by M.K. Ehlenfeldt between 1996 and 2004, and also evaluated at USDA-ARS/Oregon State University test plots in Corvallis, Oregon.

Its general characteristics are, mid-late season ripening, moderate yields, medium-sized, glossy fruit, bright pink fruit-color, mild pleasant flavor, and good firmness.   The bush of PINK LEMONADE is vigorous, upright, and full. Leaves are glossy green and lanceolate, with a serrated leaf margins. Leaf surface texture is smooth, very similar to that of V. ashei. Limited observations suggest that PINK LEMONADE has some resistance to the blighting phase of Monilinia vaccinii-corymbosi (mummy berry).  Flowering time is similar to other southern blueberry germplasm, with flowers developing earlier than hardy northern cultivars such as Bluecrop. FIRST PINK Blueberry with delicious flavor. Berries are very sweet. Pinkish flowers in spring, orange-reddish foliage in fall. Approx. 200 chilling hours. Zones 4-9. 1 yo tissue cultured plant