Small Fruit Container Sizes

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12cm pots = 18 per flat.

6cm pots =  36 per flat 

1 gallon Size

We offer Blueberries , Blackberries , Honeyberries, Hybrids and Raspberries in the gallon size. These plants are available all year round. Because our plants are all tissue cultured and virus indexed they are especially valuable to buy them. For example, our 1 gal. Blackberry plants consistently produce seven-foot vines in less than three months in the nursery. We’d be happy to see that accelerated growth put to good use in your backyard.

2 gallon Size 36"-48" or larger 4+ - 5+ years old plants. 

Some 3 gallon are available ONLY pre-ordered!


All plants are grown in high quality sterilized soil. Nematode certified.

Attention! In early spring our  PLANTS ARE  DORMANT and SHORTER because we prune them heavily in summer and early fall.